Domestic Disturbance results in death

February 09, 2010

According to Chief Bunch, WPD officers responded to a domestic disturbance at 724 Bryant Street at approximately 10:35-10:40 p.m. on Saturday night 1-30-2010. Chief Bunch, Investigator Wesley Waites and Lt. Chris Harris were called to the scene by the shift supervisor, Lt. Pettus.

The preliminary investigation at that point in time indicated that an altercation has occurred between Coleman Gene Sargent,51, and brother Lewis Caver Jr. ,45. The crime scene was secured by officers and processed by the detectives for evidence. Both subjects were transported to Wayne General Hospital via ambulance. Coleman Gene Sargent was pronounced deceased at Wayne General Hospital. The Wayne County medical examiner's office was notified and Deputy Medical examiner Mike Williams ordered Sargent's body transported to Jackson for an autopsy. Caver was hospitalized due to the injuries that was sustained during the incident. The preliminary autopsy report indicated that Coleman Gene Sargent died as a result of multiple gunshot and stab wounds. The case is currently under investigation by the Waynesboro Police Department.